Why I Decided to Spend NYE in Bed

A reminder that it is okay and normal, I did this last year too.

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I do not regret spending New Year’s Eve at home and going to bed after the stroke of midnight. Contrary to many beliefs, this is more common than you would expect. I find that amongst the wildness of celebrating, going places, trying to find a good gathering location, people tend to forget that choosing to be at home, or even your room, is very common. No, we are not sad people. This year this kind of celebration will be especially popular with the pandemic closing out for a good reason many partying and gathering opportunities. See, I even did this last year, and even though people thought I was sad or alone, I was neither. Celebrating means observing and honouring what is or has happened, acknowledging your actions and yourself. Personally, I did that the best when I was at home reflecting on the past year and did not regret a moment of it. This is why I decided to treat this night in the same manner, once again, this year.

Those who heavily rely on “setting the right foot” to the start of the year, rest assured that I did not miss anything. Pandemic aside I even had a great year in 2020, a year of awakening, new friendships, travels and graduation. When you choose to let go of the frenzy of having to celebrate, you also let go of the stressors put on everyone to have the best night or the best partner. This branches to the fear of this one night influencing the whole next year in many cultures. If you pause for a second, reflect how utterly comical this belief is.

I want to clarify that I will not be spending the whole evening in my bed. On the contrary, I will probably have dinner with my parents and maybe even a glass of wine before dedicating the rest of the night to myself and doing what will make me content. The message I want to transmit is that no matter how you will be spending your NYE, make sure that you are content instead of being influenced by others.

How Choosing a Calmer Celebration Routine Will Ultimately Benefit You

I believe many will be in my shoes this year, either by choice or because they had to. That is why I wanted to bring to light the benefits of having a slow celebration night. Opting out from being around people, or going somewhere different, does not mean you are not celebrating. Instead, proving to people that you will be having fun when you might not, does not tell you are celebrating. Some people see celebrating as being around their loved ones, or friends, or a bunch of strangers, and that’s normal too. But if you might not be able to this year, remember that there is beauty everywhere, also in things you might not be aware of.

1. You will have time to think and prep.

Without the frenzy of calling people, seeing who is available or not, which location will be free, or where to fly next to, you will have the time to think what you truly want to do. From deciding to stay in the place you currently are or going somewhere where you will be at ease and calm, there are different options you can choose from.

2. The next day you will be rested and full of energy.

There is plenty of possibilities for the rested mind. If you don’t get your sleep, how will you take advantage of your day? Lapsing of attention is one of the effects of sleep deprivation. Here’s the science behind it:

So whilst many might criticise you for going to bed early, you, instead, will get more of your first day of the year.

3. The opinions of others won’t affect you.

A great friend once reminded me, “why to let other people opinions decide your actions?”. There is so much influence and stress on us to be a certain way, to look a certain way. So why let others decide how you should celebrate as well? Don’t get me wrong if your wish is to gather with your choice of people and have a party why not. That is your choice as it should be. But if you intend to do something different this year, don’t let the opinion of others make you doubt your wish. At this very moment I feel no pressure in having to do anything different than my current plans.

In Conclusion

I hope that you will choose you in the beginning of this year. Whilst many see being at home, especially with the pandemic and lockdowns hovering over us, as a burden, try to shift this perspective. Instead of pondering what you lost start contemplating what you can create; this being a new tradition, a different start to the year, or focus on yourself. My one wish for this beginning is to choose instead of being induced to, or influenced by. With less freedom of movement and actions this year with Covid-19, it’s only reasonable that we want more or our freedom back. That is why my resolution is to start consciously choosing for myself finally. It might not be as easy as it sounds, but there is always a start.

she/her cares. I like writing about the environment, being a human being, travels, and beautiful moments in life.

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